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  • Our Mission

    • To facilitate the implementation of Green Analytical Chemistry into practice by means of consulting service to industrial partners interested in the development of environmentally friendly products or improvement of their analytical protocols. We also aim to provide unique sampling devices and apparatus which facilitate sensitive and environmentally friendly analytical approaches enabling the transition to a more sustainable future.
  • About Us

    • Originating from Professor Pawliszyn's Research Group of the University of Waterloo, we primarily focus on the development of solvent free sampling technologies and methodologies based on solid phase microextraction (SPME). We strive to not only provide niche sampling products not offered by larger suppliers but also provide the training and expertise to fully implement these approaches in your laboratory.
  • Reliable Results

    • Whether it be the highly sensitive thin-film solid phase microextraction membranes or our reliable in-vial standard gas generating system, JP Scientific products are designed to be reliable and repeatable. Having worked to develop these technologies, We can provide customized solutions for your analytical needs that cannot be supplied by larger distributors. Please contact us if you are interested in custom sizing or chemistry of any of our listed products.

SPME fiber cap

The SPME cap is a great addition for any current SPME user. These polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) caps are chemically inert have been shown to greatly improve the on-fiber stability of extracted VOC's between sampling and introduction onto GC/MS instrumentation. In-fact not only are extracted analytes stabilized, proper capping of your SPME fiber can prevent fiber contamination from environmental or laboratory air. These are truly a must have for field sampling and laboratory applications alike.


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