Our goal is to provide access to specialized analytical sampling technologies not offered by larger sellers. Appropriately, if there is a formulation or sorbent chemistry you do not see here please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.  

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Thin Film Solid Phase Microextraction Membranes

  1. For large volume customers, worldwide distribution of the DVB/PDMS and CAR/PDMS membranes are also offered directly by Gerstel Inc. for the TDU-CIS system you can view them here: Gerstel US TF-SPME supplies and kits
  2. For European customers looking for customized TF-SPME materials these can be provided by PAS Technology GmbH linked here: Consumable: PAS Technology
                                                 Vial clips for holding membranes

One size, for 10 or 20 mL vials. CAD price 20, USD price 15 (apiece)

In-vial Standard Gas Generation

For European Customers
  1. For European customers looking for gas generating vials, these can be provided by PAS Technology GmbH linked here: Consumable: PAS Technology  

Teflon SPME fibre caps 

Handbook of Solid Phase Microextraction 

The most recent version of The Handbook of Solid Phase Microextraction can be purchased for $65 CAD (50 USD). As a special promotion, spend over $1000 CAD ($750 USD) and receive 1 handbook for free. 

Consultation Services

For assistance in developing your SPME based method please contact us to arrange a tailored instructive program or one-on-one visit for. 

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